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Lesson 16: The Computation of the Slope of a Non-Vertical Line Name Date Lesson 16: The Computation of the Slope of a Non-Vertical Line Exit Ticket Find the rate of change of the line by completing parts (a) and (b). a. Select any two points on the line to label as 2 and 4. Name their coordinates. b. Compute the rate of change of the line.

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4.2.2 Instantaneous Rate of Change Graphically In Module 4.1, we discussed secant lines and how to use their slopes to find an average rate of change for a function between two points. We can also use these lines to approximate something more geometric, another line that is related to the graph of a function, called a Tangent Line .

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Task Type: Key Word Transformations. Focus: Grammar and vocabulary. Format: Each question consists of a sentence followed by a 'key' word and a second sentence with a gap in the You have to use this key word to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.3. Consider the following key features discussed in this lesson for the four graphs of quadratic functions below: 𝑥𝑥-intercepts, 𝑦𝑦-intercept, line of symmetry, vertex, and end behavior. a. Which key features of a quadratic function do graphs A and B have in common? Which features are not shared? b.

SMP 2, 3, and 7 are integrated into the Understand lesson structure.* This lesson provides additional support for: 1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 8 Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. * See page 1o to learn how every lesson includes these SMP. -4 -2 2 4 2-4-2 3 4 1-4 -2O 2 4 2-2 s A - -2 2 4-P Graph y = 3x - 2 using the slope and the y-intercept. y = mx + b The slope m is 3, and the y-intercept is -2. Plot the point (0, -2). Use the slope 3 = _3 1 to find another point by moving up 3 and to the right 1. Draw the line through the points. Unpacking the Standards

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